Who we are & What we do

Welcome to Inner Jewel Dharma in Austin, TX. Our mission is to share practical tools that lead to a happy and fulfilling life while in service to others.

As we build our new full-featured site, which will include items and functions, we hope you will connect with us, ask questions or attend some of our events and classes here in Austin. We look forward to meeting you!

Coming Soon:

  • Resources and references for additional study & inspiration
  • Expanded classes and event offerings
  • Instructional yoga videos
  • Meditation videos
  • A library of audio teachings compiled from years of teachings given all over the world by other Middle Way Center teachers

We are proud to be a Middle Way Center, affiliated with our Teacher, Lama Sumati Marut <lamamarut.org>.

What does the Middle Way mean?  It means finding the balance between living in this reality with little or no tools to alleviate our stress, disappointments, and suffering and trying to live in an idealistic, unrealistic bubble.  Living in the middle way helps us reshape our minds and our worlds, while opening our hearts in a compassionate way to others.

Inner Jewel Dharma is a not-for-profit community that offers a modern interpretation of time-tested Dharma through study, meditation, service, and retreat in order to learn to live with greater compassion and wisdom.

So, what does that mean to you?  You can learn, ask questions, and root out those things in your life that lead to more stress and unhappiness.  As you get happier, your capacity to help others increases.  Then, everyone wins.

Everyone is welcome.  We are inclusive, NOT exclusive.
Thanks for being part of our community.


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